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Do you own a cafe, restaurant or business, looking for support through coffee supplies or consultation for your business?  

At Coffee By Andrew we want to see you and your business succeed and want to use our 40+ years of experience to help – through our superior supply of coffee, our desire to consult, to educate and doing so with as little headache as possible. 


A good cup of coffee will always have your customers wanting another. It is the heart of a cafe and keeps customer’s coming back.

Bean Consultation Services:

  • A personalised one-on-one service where we work with you to produce your own unique signature blend, exclusively reserved for your cafe with the packaging branded to suit your needs. 
  • Alternatively, by supplying a bag of your current stock we can identify the origin of your beans and the ratio of the bend to replicant your current supply, only with higher quality beans, and freshly roasted the week prior.


Over the past 40 years of roasting, owning cafes and businesses I have made hundreds of mistakes - so use that knowledge. Don’t trip where I fell. 

  • We offer 20 hours of barista training free per cafe. 
  • Each new client is welcome to a one-on-one session with Andrew himself. So he can help you, your cafe, staff and your business to grow. 

It’s this support that has helped turn our customers to friends with us servicing some of our friends for over 30 years.


After running my own cafe for 30 years, I get you have more on your plate than items on a big breakie. You don’t need headaches and neither do I!

  •  If you believe there is something wrong with your beans, we will replace them straight away and give you an extra 10%. That’s our No Head Ache Guarantee.
  • You're busy running a business, we get that. So we’ve set up an automated reminder each week to get your order’s in.
  • If you do miss this or under-order for the week, we can get our insanely fresh product, delivered to you in 3 business days.