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About Us

At Coffee By Andrew we're a coffee company that exists to help our customers have a delicious cup of coffee. Whatever that means for you!
Whether that's in your cafe, office or home.
We know we have your coffee covered - only offering stoopidly fresh coffee, expertly crafted but we're also here to help and recommend you coffee solutions. Whether that's a $60 filter kit or a $2000 brand new sexy espresso machine. Whatever is right you and your taste buds. No two coffee drinkers are the same! 
"For over 40 years my life has been dedicated to the coffee industry.
I have stood next to my roaster listening to each crack and smelling the aromas.
I've done everything there is to do in the coffee industry but at the end of the day, I believe it’s what's in the cup that matters most. Maintaining high-end specialty quality coffee should always come first.
 My team and I do this through the quality of our beans, knowledge of what works best, desire to help others and doing it all with as little headache as possible.
I've dedicated my life to inspiring others to learn, experience and enjoy coffee. 
If you don’t believe me ask Will Young – Owner of Campos Coffee – I gave him his first cup of coffee. A cup that inspired him to take on an industry."
--Andrew Gross--
Master Roaster