Hario Hand Grinder - Ceramic Coffee Mill "Wood"

Hario Hand Grinder - Ceramic Coffee Mill "Wood"

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It's hard to get a good quality hand grinder that is both durable and will also maintain consistency in the particle size. The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Wood does just this - it's a reliable hand grinder that will go the distance. 

This Ceramic Coffee Mill features a combination ceramic hopper and olive wood container, highlighting a balance between nature and design.

The Hario burr is completely ceramic and due to no metal components, there is no rusting or any metallic smells/residue. 

Similar to all Hario Mill products, their slick design allows for an easy to adjust grind by simply unscrewing the hand crank from the container and adjusting the grind nut. 


  • Hario's adjustable, precise ceramic burrs
  • Detachable olive wood ground container 
  • 30g Coffee 
  • High quality 


  • Hopper shaft cover, Washer, Pin, Grind adjustment nut : Nylon
  • Spring, Screw, Handle, Locking screw, Cover : Stainless steel
  • Outer burr, Inner burr, Hopper cover : Ceramic
  • Lower O-ring, Cover O-ring, Upper O-ring : Silicone rubber
  • Hopper, Burr retainer : Polypropylene
  • Handle grip, Body : Olive wood
  • Anti-slip stickers : Urethane